Theater Talk A Dolls House, Part 2 and Anastasia


>> HASKINS: Coming up on... >> METCALF: I get reminded every time before a show that it's a first-time, only-time hearing for that crowd. And you have a mental reminder of how to lay the story out. >> RIEDEL: Mm-hmm.

>> COOPER: And every once in a while, you tweak it. You know, you have something else in mind, and you give it a try. >> RIEDEL: Usually when Sam Gold is not there? [ Laughter ] >> HASKINS: "Theater Talk" is made possible in part by...  >> NORA: Also, here's another thing that bothers me.

You don't get angry. >> TORVALD: Of course I do. >> NORA: Maybe once you -- >> TORVALD: Right now I feel angry. >> NORA: Right now you're angry? >> TORVALD: You're damn right I.

Am. >> NORA: No, I don't believe that you are angry, that you're in it, that you're inside the feeling of feeling angry. I think you're just outside of it, looking at it like, "Oh, t…

The Voice Russia 2017 Anastasia Belyavskaya AerosmithCryin'


Hi. My name is Anastasia Belyavskaya I'm from Moscow I have a very big family, my parents were born in Azerbaijan family gathering, songs, always happen  at our parties I'm only 18 and I'm like a small baby bird not sure how it's gonna go I've grew up listening to the songs of the judges. They are very cool, I don't know how to describe the emotions I want to leave the scene knowing that  I did a good job Advertisement I'm rooting for you guys. Thanks.

Pelageys: You didn't expect this, did you? Anastasia: Hello Leonid: You didn't expect to qualify? Anastasia:That was unexpected Dima: Show more emotions, come on! I know you've got plenty. Dima: What's your name? Where are you from? Anastasia: My name is Anastasia Belyavskaya I'm 18 years old Dima: 18?! Anastasia:Yes Alexander: How could it be? Dima: You've just got out of adolescence of adolescence Anastasia: out of captivity Dima: Yeah, I see. Anastasia: And I'm from Moscow. Dim…

The Secret of Anastasia - Phelous


Another "Secret of" movie? Well, I sure hope it's that Anastasia grows wings and was possibly an angel the whole time. Spoilers: it's DUMBER. Maybe... [Extremely generic music from this movie] What, are these multiplying? Alright, before we get started here, I should point out, there are A FEW historical inaccuracies in The Secret of Anastasia.

I'll list them out: EVERYTHING. [Phelous] Okay, there's some basic parts of history, like the shooting of the Romanovs, but that's about it. This is obviously more of a UAV cash-in on Don Bluth's Anastasia movie, which was also a fairy tale set around these events. Pretty much most adaptations of Anastasia are about as historically accurate as Daffy Duck hitting Hitler over the head with a mallet.

Fortunately... ...Or maybe UNfortunately, depending on how you wanna look at it, this version does NOT turn Rasputin into a sorcerer. He couldn't even be bothered to appear in this one. He was too busy taking ca…

THE MAKEUP BREAKUP - Destroying, weighing & re-pressing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Glow Kit


Hello, beauty news family welcome to this week's episode of the makeup breakup [yay] So what are we breaking up so Haley? [Oh] So this is the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerrero glow kit It's a pretty topical one though, so this is Brand-new release, it is a permanent one, so if you wanted it Don't worry You can get it, we will link down below where you can get it. But also a lot of people have been receiving these broken from Sephora Yes, ours was not [no]  so we decided to break it Oh, yeah so we decided to weigh it to see how much product is in it and Also, how easily it is to repress, so if for whatever reason that you can't get a replacement Which you should be able to don't worry like we said it's permanent. [Yep], you can Repress it. Yes So let's get on to the video [Music] Can't believe it's not butter [laughing] I wanna do kitty kat [alright you can do kitty cat] and forever lit, forever lit looks forever shit Hmm does anyone else l…



Oh hey, everybody! It's me Susan Blackwell and today and I'm side-by-side my favorite Broadway jingle horse. Look
everybody! From Anastasia, its Max von Essen. Hi! Max!
--Hi, everybody! --Tell our friends at home where we are what we're doing toda.
--We are in Hell's Kitchen at a local hang. Am i telling you where we
are? We're at Glass House Tavern --We love the Glass House Tavern.

And we are making a gingerbread house for the holidays. It's a kit. We're taking--
--No, no, no. I baked fresh gingerbread this morning.

I was up before dawn.
--You or your team prepared this. This is wonderful.
-- Okay do you have a plan for this? --Yeah we just connect her.
[Singing] Tell me a story in 30 seconds.
30 Seconds on the cloc.

You're gonna tell me the whole life story. Don't leave out the
awesome parts. Ready, and, you're, starting, now.
--Okay I'm Italian. I was born in Queens til I was five.

Then I grew up on Long Island
where tha…

Show People with Paul Wontorek Derek Klena of ANASTASIA


He's already starred in fan favorite
shows like Wicked The Bridges of Madison County and his current gig as Dimitri in
Broadway's Anastasia. On his 26th birthday,
my guest today talks about balancing sports and show tunes as a team,
mastering the art of the shaky stage door selfie, and how a Aaron Tveit song
and a Facebook message from a famous stranger got him to New York City. So he
sent me a Facebook message basically being like, "So I heard you saying the
song. Did you sing a well? And I was like what? Like who is this guy? And you didn't know who he was? I didn't know he was, of course, like super naively I'm gonna sing
this song.

So I look it up, and I'm like, like I thought I was in big trouble. I
was like, "Oh no." Sit back and take a shot as Derek Klena kicks off a new season of
Show People Hello Mr. Klena! Hi, hey, how are you doing?
I'm good. It's so good to see you.

So good to see you, thanks for having me. How…